Today marks the 3rd year of When Parents Text.

When we started the site in 2010, we had no idea what it would become.

In three years we have published over five thousand texts, welcomed over 70 million visitors, designed an app, and published a book (now in its fourth printing).

The transition from friends to business partners was fun, but not always easy. And after three years, we have decided to go back to being just friends.

This is the When Parents Text Finale!

We will leave the archive of texts up on our site and app, and continue our Tumblr and Facebook pages. Continue to share your texts and enjoy the hilarity. We’ll still post occasionally.

This past weekend we went to our hometown and the Panera where it all started. You can see more pictures here.

Feel free to follow our other projects.

Lauren Kaelin is an illustrator and paints memes.

She started as an excuse to paint the internet. Prints are available for purchase here.

Benjameme Facebook

Her Instagram

Sophia Fraioli works as a Production Manager for Stylesight.

Her Instagram

Thanks for everything. Keep texting!

Bowtie man 4eva ;-)8

Lauren and Sophia


By Lauren on November 5, 2013

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Valentine’s Day can be a time of deliberating uncertainty. Should I ask him to BE MINE? Are we really dating? Or is this the friend train? Does she like pink or red roses? Milk or dark chocolate? It can get rough. We know.

So this Valentine’s Day– When Parents Text is the foil to all the doubt.

We’ve compiled a Best of Love List to celebrate what can sometimes feel like the only relationship in your life with unconditional love. Here are our favorites.

At First Sight

Quality Time

Matching Tats

Queen Bey



Helpful Simile

Sentimental Geese 

Thought That Counts 

Remember When

and Just Cause

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to tell your parents you love them!

Wear red socks and always go for the dark chocolate.



I’m the one in the goose sweatshirt.



By Lauren on February 12, 2013

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1. This past weekend I was invited to the latest production of The Blogologues. The idea is simple and brilliant: perform the internet verbatim. The creators, Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula have graciously invited Sophia and I to these performances because they have a tendency to feature When Parents Text material. Part of me feels like a rockstar when I see that familar baby blue projected in the dark theater.

There most recent iteration: Kale In Me Softly, featured The Hawaii Chair, The Barre Method, and a healthy dose of Richard Simmons’ Twitter.

Thank you, Jen and Allison for inviting us and for scouring the internet for the most ridiculous Craigslist posts, tweets, and Yelp reviews.

I highly recommend, if you live in the NYC area, to seek out the next Blogologues production.

2. Secondly, this blog: Best Picture Goes To proudly highlights the stills that are literally best picture.

I once asked my older brother if BAD BOYS won the Oscar for Best Picture because I thought the award was given to the movie containing the most awesome single image – the best “picture” of the year. I was way too old at the time for this not to be considered astoundingly stupid. 

3. Shameless self promotion: I am working on a new project where I paint the internet. It’s called Benejamemes. So far, Ikea Monkey, Otters Holding Hands, Jessica’s Daily Affirmation, Gangnam Style, Boo the Dog, and Antoine Dodson have been rendered in oil.

I have some ideas for the next memes I paint– Ermahgerd, Ninja Cat, etc. But would love your ideas. Prints are 8×10 and available for purchase here.




By Lauren on January 28, 2013


Best New Holiday 

Best Use of Song

Best Question 

Best Emoticon

Worst Parenting Faux Pas

 Best/Worst Food

Best Advice 

Best Picture Message 

And because we have to: Sophia’s favorite and Lauren’s favorite!

Did your favorite make the cut?

Stay tuned, our App will be launching this month!

Wishing everyone a text-filled New Year!

xo. Lauren and Sophia


By Lauren on January 3, 2013


Sophia and I have had the good fortune to recently attend a performance of Blogologues: Younger Than Springtime.

“The short stories and one-line tweets are performed expertly, with perfect comic timing and dedication. Younger Than Springtime delves into spring blossoms that don’t smell quite right, a Jew on Easter, and many more uproarious and entertaining seasonal blog-o-logues.”

Rave Review from Show Business Weekly

The concept is simple, really. Posts, tweets, and blog entries performed verbatim from the internet. But the genius  recontextualization of these humorous posts increases their hilarity!

My favorite monologue was from Regretsy. A post about GLINGERS !

Blogologues also features When Parents Text AND you get a free beer! Click here for ticket information.


By Lauren on May 3, 2012


Mother tested, Bowtie Man approved!

We’ve officially opened the When Parents Text shoppe!

A special thank you to Zack, our designer extraordinaire!

As a special Mother’s Day gift, we’re discounting a few choice items that would make the perfect gifts.

How good would that look on your mom? Paired with some high-waisted denim and some practical footwear? It would look great!

Save $2 on the perfect gift for the mom who texts you constantly.

Does your mom like coffee? Tea? Hot soup?

Buy her this mug! It’s the perfect way to say, I love you!

Get this oversized (how big is oversized?!) mug for $13, buy a bunch of tulips, and call it a day!


By Lauren on April 23, 2012

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An amazing and heartwarming email we received at


Hey, guys

Just wanted to thank you for this site. After going back through a few dozen pages, I was overcome with the urge to call my own dad, whom I haven’t spoken to in months. We had a great talk for over an hour. I guess I didn’t realise how much I missed him til I started reading your site! So, thanks for that.



By Lauren on March 26, 2012


Visit the Shoppe!